2007 Michael & Erin Strle Wedding Cruise
The Wedding

My pictuers from the big event. Erin, Michael, Cheryl, and Kenny did an outstanding job of planning a very beautiful wedding on St. Maarten island. Near as I could tell it came out perfect!
The People

Pictures of the people on the boat and with our group.

Cheryl and Kenny did an outstanding job as our tour guides and keeping everyone on task (having fun).
The Ships

Pictures of our ship and other ships we saw.
The Islands

Things we saw on the islands we stopped at, an island owned by the cruise company, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.
The Weather

We were very near Tropical Storm Olga on our trip. God bless Mr. Bonine. 20 foot seas and 70 mph winds and we weren't sea sick at all.
The real photographers wedding photos

Very nice wedding photos, and lots of them!