Showing movies of our back yard since May 22, 2004

This is a movie from the camera pointed at the back yard.

The camera is mounted on the side of the house pointed at the windmill in the back yard. The camera is Weather Proof Web Cam from Ambient Weather. The camera is connected to an old HP Portable computer running Windows XP. The imaging software is from Image Salsa. The software is storing a picture every minute but I'm only updating the web site every 15 minutes; things don't change that often in the back yard.

I use a product called Movie Salsa form the Image Salsa people to turn the sequential pictures from captured by the camera and stored by Image Salsa.

Next thing on the list is to create a daily movie and have a 'highlights' movie. Perhaps a movies of me mowing or when we have a party.

This is a Windows Media file. I build the MovieSalsa builds an AVI file about (55 mb) then runs it through Windows media encoder to make a compressed file about 1.5 mb. This is pretty cool!

 This is yesterday's movie.
 Click here to see my first weather movie